i see you want to learn more about michael...

hello im mike and i like making websites
i dont think theres a simpler way to describe me....

my interests

i really like drawing and painting its one of my main passions
i also like making music, but you wont hear any of that here....(im not very good)
i also love geography, lingustics and all that country-related jazz!
and (of course) i love programing and webdesign

i know english(i mean, im speaking it right now!!)
im learning russian and german currently
ive tried learning japanese(私の日本語はとっても悪いです。。。) before,
but that was a long time ago so i dont remember much
i've also tried italian but i dont even remember how to say hello :(

just like im interested in natural languages, im also interested in conlangs!
ive worked on two conlangs (constructed languages) before
but just like with most of my projects, they didnt go far...
you can check it out on conworkshop but it's only got about 30 words... :(

thats enough of me now, see you